Since 1993 we have been developing desirable properties. From site selection and preliminary studies, to construction, sale, lease or management, we have the experience and resources to transform undeveloped land into valuable property. A history of successful developments proves it.

We are a boutique development firm specializing in;

Direct Investment Opportunities into Institutional Grade Real Estate Investments

Residential Development, Luxury Rental Communities, Resorts, and Urban Development Opportunities

We help investors and team members realize financial goals, thereby enhancing their quality of life. From site selection and preliminary studies to construction,  sale, lease, and management we have the experience to transform undeveloped land into valuable properties. A history of successful developments proves it. Over the past 27 years we have used our hand-selected management and development team of highly experience professionals to manage investments into real estate.


Equity Harbour is dedicated to serving Individual Investors, Family Offices, Private Equity Groups, Insurance Companies, Pension Funds, and Hedge Funds. It's easy to calculate financial income streams from any investment, but we love real estate, not only can you increase its value, you can touch and feel it, it cannot vanish like paper assets .


We promise that we will exceed your expectations in experience, delivery, transparency, honesty, and will bring to the table a well-seasoned team of professionals that we have hand selected to bring properties through the development, construction, leasing/management and or sales stages. 


Using only highly experienced professionals we will protect capital and grow it by developing, managing, or selling quality real estate assets. Whether it is our own capital or yours, we treat it all the same. In all of our efforts "Capital" has a preferred position, it is used to purchase "Class A Interests in our development entities." Class A Interests receives its compensation before "Class B Interests" (or the Managers Interests). Not only is the Capital positioned in a preferred position, our business model prohibits the Manager to take any position, or make any actions that would cause a conflict with Class A Interests. The only income the Manager can charge or earn from related services to our development entities while raising capital, developing, building, leasing, selling, or managing our properties are only normal market rate fees for professional financial and real estate related services, like Placement Fees, General Contracting, Leasing, Selling, and Property Management. Our ultimate goal like those Investors that purchase Class A Interests is to.

Build Equity, Increase Net Worth, and Enhance Passive Cash Flow

Land Development opportunities are often limited to an inside circle of "people in the know." Equity Harbour makes it possible for a wide range of investors to profit from real estate. If your financial goals are to build equity, increase net worth and enhance passive cash flow, then you should consider investing in Equity Harbour developments.

Beyond operating costs, our long-term goal is to not take earnings/fees when possible and to reinvest them into future development efforts.