Increase Net Worth, and Enhance Cash Flow

Land Development opportunities are often limited to an inside circle of "people in the know."

We promise to exceed your expectations in experience, delivery, transparency, and honesty. Equity Harbour has a well-seasoned team of professionals bringing properties through the development, construction, leasing/management and or sales stages. We encourage investors to develop property through the Bridge of Hope for Children. The Bridge of Hope for Children helps aging-out children (ages 17 through 22), a non-profit entity with no property or income tax liabilities.

Equity Harbour makes it possible for a wide range of individuals to profit from real estate. If your financial goals are to increase net worth or to enhance cash flow, you should consider investing with Equity Harbour.


Whether it is a property that you own, an opportunity that we have identified, or to fill a need  in a market where the capital desires to be placed, we have the experience and expertise to develop vacant land into income producing assets. 


A history of successful developments proves it. Over the past 27 years we have used a hand-selected group of highly experience individuals and companies to develop and manage investments in real estate.


The Bridge of Hope serves Aging-Out Children with opportunities for educational grants, learning spiritual & life skills, and creates employment opportunities with the entities that serve its properties.  The activities surrounding our properties create many employment opportunities for our children in, Property Maintenance & Repairs, Property Management, Brokerage, General Contracting, opportunities with Suppliers, and with sub-contractors such as Road Builders, Excavators, Poured Wall Contractors, Flat Concrete, Landscaping, Framing, Siding, Insulation, Drywall, Paint, Trim, and Flooring Contractors.


Being that the Bridge of Hope is a non-profit entity it creates unique opportunities for investors as its properties have no exposure to income and property taxes. A Bridge of Hope investment is unique in two ways. First, it offers a preferred position to investors before its 7% participation. Secondly, Bridge of Hope for Children properties offer a lower the risk to investors by eliminating any exposure to income and property taxes.

We have been developing desirable properties since 1993.