John Cross - Managing Member

John has been investing private equity and developing real estate in west Michigan since 1993 and prides himself in being very honest, transparent and driven to successfully develop real estate opportunities to their full potential.


Over the past 27 years he has assembled a very experienced team of professionals to help him develop raw land into completed developments. John will now concentrate his efforts in developing direct relationships with capital sources rather than relying on brokers and Intermediaries. Complete Bio Available

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Kim Hain - Broker, CPM

John has a 20+ year relationship with Kim and they have owned and managed many real estate properties together. Kim Hain has over thirty years of diverse expertise in property management, ownership and rehabilitation, successful at reducing operating expenses and increasing net operating incomes. Complete Bio Available

His areas of strength and expertise are;

•Property Management


•Capital Improvement Budgets

•Property Rehabilitation

•Real Estate Development

•Loan Procurement

•Marketing Strategies

•Supervision of Management and Staff

Sue Cross - Maintenance Supervisor

Since 1979, Sue has been serving west Michigan, working tirelessly to

ensure that her clients’ facilities are maintained to the highest standards

Kim Walters - Licensed Agent

Kim Walters is a licensed Realtor and brings with her 8

years experience in the mortgage business and has been

a licensed real estate agent since 2013. 




Persons and entities listed below are third party, but we rely on their expertise to determine if and how we develop real estate opportunities.

Tom Soltys - CPA

Tom has extensive experience overseeing the books of small business operations and has been a real estate investor himself for years. He has been Kim Hain's CPA for over 30 years and ours for over 10 years.



We first used Wightman & Associates back in the mid 90's on a site in Benton Harbor and was very satisfied with their service. I also have had a personal relationship with Greg Vaughn for the past 20 plus years who as an employee of Wightman helps them secure new business. There are many highly talented people at Wightman & Associates that are available to help us bring properties through the development process.


Wightman is a full-service consulting firm that exists to service people and the communities we live in. Our dynamic team of over 130 professionals works to analyze, advise, design, and deliver successful projects in partnership with government, business, and institutions in our communities. Our unique approach is to offer comprehensive, multi-disciplinary services, industry expertise, accurate scope of work, and a passion for listening.

Services offered include Architecture, Civil Engineering, Environmental, and Surveying. Additional specialty services include GIS, Landscape Architecture, Planning, Interior Design, and Reality Capture. Our firm is located in Allegan, Benton Harbor, and Kalamazoo, Michigan

We work closely with two individuals at Wightman to identify, and work through the possibilities of the property;



Marc partners with public and private sector clients and assists with their Brownfield redevelopment needs, working with a variety of project teams and disciplines to execute real estate development projects from conception to completion. Marc’s experience and expertise involves: initial project visioning and strategic planning; grant writing and administration; negotiation, development and implementation of project incentive packages; assistance in guiding clients and projects through the approval processes; program and collaborative partnership development; project implementation and management; negotiation and execution of development agreements; budget and pro forma development and management; as well as supporting clients with real estate transactions, liability, due diligence and due care matters which may impact them or their projects.



Greg began his surveying career with the U.S. Army in 1984 and has since performed surveys in seven states and two countries. He joined Wightman in 2017. In his role as a senior project manager, he blends his expertise in land surveying with his business development acumen to expand the company’s presence in the West Michigan market and beyond as it relates to reality capture and surveying. Greg specializes in project management for land development and condominium conversion projects. He also provides expert witness consulting and testimony in boundary litigation and riparian bottomland apportionment cases.


  • High Definition Laser Scanning (HDLS)

  • Drone mapping

  • Condominium conversion of existing buildings

  • Site condominiums 

  • Subdivision plats

  • Large tract metes & bounds land divisions

  • Consulting for boundary disputes

  • Riparian surveying

  • Business development

We have used Sun Title since Stacey Gonzales (my office manager from my old RE/MAX office)  went to work for them years ago. We will use a full Sworn Statement Program - with Partial and Full Releases on all project expenditures paid out to contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers.

We opened Rose Garden Home in 1997, Triangle and Associates was our general contractor for our 46-bed Assisted living Home.

We established relationships with Patrick Rahming and Lorenzo Taylor back in the mid 1990's and have maintained our relationships over the years working together to attract capital to be used to develop opportunities in the Bahamas.