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John Cross / Broker - Owner

John Cross is the broker/owner of Asset Protection Advisers / Equity Harbour Realty.  John has 30 years experience helping clients through the buying and selling press and over 25 years of "Hands On" experience developing Residential Communities, Office Condominiums, and Elderly Living

In 1987 he started his real estate career at a small office "West Michigan Business Brokers" where he worked hand-in-hand with an Attorney and a CPA. In 1990 he started developing real estate here in west Michigan.

Kim Hain Broker / CPM

I have a 20 plus year relationship with Kim as we have owned and managed many real estate properties together. He has twenty-five years of diverse expertise in property management, ownership and rehabilitation, successfully reduced operating expenses and increased net operation income.

His areas of strength and expertise are;

•Property Management


•Capital Improvement Budgets

•Property Rehabilitation

•Real Estate Development

•Loan Procurement

•Marketing Strategies

•Supervision of Management and Staff

Tom Soltys / CPA

Tom has extensive experience overseeing the books of small business operations and has been a real estate investor himself for years. He has been Kim Hain's CPA for over 30 years and ours for over 10 years.

We first used Wightman & Associates back in the mid 90's on a site in Benton Harbor and was very satisfied with their service. I also have had a personal relationship with Greg Vaughn for the past 20 plus years who as an employee of Wightman helps them secure new business. There are many highly talented people at Wightman & Associates that are available to help us bring properties through the development process.


Wightman is a full-service consulting firm that exists to service people and the communities we live in. Our dynamic team of over 130 professionals works to analyze, advise, design, and deliver successful projects in partnership with government, business, and institutions in our communities. Our unique approach is to offer comprehensive, multi-disciplinary services, industry expertise, accurate scope of work, and a passion for listening.

Services offered include Architecture, Civil Engineering, Environmental, and Surveying. Additional specialty services include GIS, Landscape Architecture, Planning, Interior Design, and Reality Capture. Our firm is located in Allegan, Benton Harbor, and Kalamazoo, Michigan



We have used Sun Title since Stacey Gonzales (my office manager from my old RE/MAX office)  went to work for them years ago. We will use a full Sworn Statement Program - with Partial and Full Releases on all project expenditures paid out to contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers.

We established relationships with Patrick Rahming and Lorenzo Taylor back in the mid 1990's and have maintained our relationships over the years working together to attract capital to be used to develop opportunities in the Bahamas.

Kim Walters

Licensed Agent

Kim Walters is a licensed Realtor and brings with her 8 years experience in the mortgage business and has been a licensed real estate agent since 2013.