Bringing Together People, Properties

and Opportunities


Equity Harbour is dedicated to serving people by creating profitable investment opportunities. Those we serve include: Individual Investors, Family Offices, Private Equity Groups, Insurance Companies, Pension Funds, and Hedge Funds.

Whether you are an investor, landowner or support team member, you can feel confident in being part of one of our projects.

From preliminary studies to construction and sale or lease, we have the experience and resources to transform undeveloped land into valuable property. A history of successful developments proves it, see our history page.

Our projects help investors and team members realize financial goals, thereby enhancing their quality of life.

It all starts with the land 

Maintaining the integrity and beauty of the land is foremost in our developments.

Next comes the vision 

Excellence comes from thinking 

beyond the ordinary.

Every project starts with an idea 

At Equity Harbour we're always looking for new real estate opportunities that serve a genuine need in their communities.


Transforming Ideas Into Reality

The process of analysis, land planning, design, approvals, construction, marketing and sales can be complex. The Equity Harbour Management Team coordinates the many steps involved to make sure each project proceeds smoothly and profitably. Projects follow four basic steps.

Step 1: Determine project feasibility

Before the first shovel of dirt is moved, each project is carefully studied. Steps include creating a development schedule, making a schematic land use plan, analyzing project design criteria, preparing a budget and proforma projections then submitting preliminary site plans to appropriate governmental agencies such as township offices, county plat board, drain commission and the utility companies.

Step 2: Finalize engineering, architecture, approvals, and oversee construction

Here, we complete the final plans and documents encompassing all preliminary recommendations from regulatory agencies. The documents are then certified and final documents are submitted to governing municipalities. In this phase we finalize the construction plans, submit the plans for approvals, reconfirm the budget with contractors and oversee actual construction of the project.

Step 3: Sales / Lease - Marketing Plan

This final stage brings a newly developed property

into the hands of those who will occupy and enjoy

the fruits of our labor. A new home, condominium

apartment, retirement condominium, or living in a care 

facility, we will strive to exceed your expectations.




Build Equity, Increase Net Worth

Land development opportunities are often limited to an inside circle of "people in the know". Equity Harbour makes it possible for a wide range of investors to profit from real estate. If your financial goals are to build equity, increase net worth and enhance cash flow, then you should consider investing with us.

While there are risks inherent in any investment, consumers will always be looking for attractive places to live, work, and enjoy visiting, which makes real estate a commodity that will always be in demand.

Throughout a project you are kept informed of all steps so you always know where things stand. All studies, cost sheets, construction estimates, projections and documents, budgets, and schedules are always available for review.

Guidance for Landowners

At Equity Harbour our job is to guide you in the development and/or marketing of your land. We can help you:

  • Obtain a fair price for your property.

  • Understand the options available to you, prior to selling.

  • Contribute your property as an investment into the project, with continuing profit potential.

Benefits for Team Members

By being a member of an Equity Harbour development team, you benefit in many ways. First, we can bring a project to market faster than you could on your own, because of our many years of experience.

Second, we've developed a system that allows everyone to work at a higher level of performance, with each member of the team doing the job they do best.

Third, you save the expense of costly mistakes, because we know many problems to avoid in developing projects.